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Interview with Christine Ahn, founder of 'Women Cross DMZ' Updated: 2019-02-27 16:01:44 KST

Let's check in with our Lee Ji-won who is in Hanoi at the International Media Center.
Ji-won what do you have for us at this hour?

We have a lot of North Korea experts here, so we asked one of them to give us some of her insights on this 2nd Kim-Trump summit.
Christine Ahn here, is the founder and international coordinator of Women Cross DMZ, a global movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War, reunite families, and ensure women's leadership in peacebuilding.


So Christine, could you tell us about some of the significant achievements you and your organization have made over the years?


We heard you met with Park Chol, the Vice chairman of Pyeongyang's Korean Asia-Pacific Peace Committee.
He was also part of the delegation when Kim Yong-chol, who was the pointman on talks with the U.S., flew over to Washington earlier this year.
So how did you get to meet him and what did you guys talk about?

Last but not least, what do you think's going to come out of the summit?

Alright, thank you so much for your time.

That's all from us for now, back to you Jangho.
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