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Tech experts, leaders forecast next decade of consumer technology at CES 2020 Updated: 2020-01-10 16:17:47 KST

The next decade for consumer tech will see the Internet of Things transition to the Intelligence of Things.
That's according to experts at the Consumer Electronics Show 2020 in Las Vegas.

"Yeah, so when we look at the device ecosystem, I think really the way I would describe it as connected intelligence. So really we're putting AI into just everything. every kind of device and it's backing up all different kinds of experiences why well it all has to do with convenience ease-of-use the user experience and that's everything from a smartphone to services like Netflix that use Advanced algorithms and other machine learning."

To provide a seamless experience from one device or service to another,
IT giants like Samsung and LG have introduced smart home systems -- adding AI processor chips to all their devices.

"I think we'll see a lot of evolution over the year ahead as companies managed to figure out ways to make things connect to each other in a way that makes a lot of sense. So when your car pulls into the driveway all the sudden the lights come on the doors unlock your favorite music starts playing it."

LG, for instance, announced at CES, it will go beyond increasing "efficiency" and simple "personalization." They're aiming for "reasoning" and "exploration" that will allow AI to understand your behavior in order to anticipate your needs.

"Exploration that means machine can make some hypothesis by itself and we propose a new lifestyle experience. We are deploying this kind of AI technology on all of the products in LGE.

One of these services is digital healthcare, which will also benefit and proliferate from greater connectivity.

"We're seeing massive consumer adoption of wearables and again for different things. So many opportunities to measure our vital signs whether it's steps heart rate and different things. And so this all adds up to more and more data a lot of that data is starting to be leveraged by doctors."

Another trend is mobility as a service, and not just a vehicle, as the modes of transportation diversify.

""So there's boats at this show. They're actually three flying taxis at CES. So when you're planning your route, you're not just taking a taxi you're taking a smart scooter to a flying taxi to your own car to a bus or whatever The role of mobility is becoming, the whole concept is becoming a reality and that's really neat to see."

"The trends we saw this week at CES 2020 are expected to develop into an everyday reality over the next decade of tech.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News, Las Vegas."
Reporter : osy@arirang.com
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