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Local researchers develop ways to generate electricity using drops of water Updated: 2020-01-13 09:29:57 KST

The propeller here is spinning without the help of any energy source.
What enables these plastic blades to rotate is a few drops of water.
Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology say an electric current is generated from the way water is absorbed to a cotton fiber coated with special carbon particles.
As the cotton absorbs hydrogen, the coated particles on it moves water onto one side of the cloth,making it one side completely damp and the other dry.
Researchers explain the electricity is generated as this kinetic process takes place.

"When we drop water on the fiber, a reaction occurs. The electricity is not generated by the water drops themselves, but from the way hydrogen ion is absorbed to the cloth."

Researchers have also found a way to continue generating energy even when the cloth is completely dried.
They say calcium chloride, which absorbs humidity from the air, can provide a solution.
The salt crystals, when put on one side of the cloth, create electricity by consuming moisture from the air containing at least twenty percent of humidity.
Simply put, the cloth can sustain the creation of energy with the help of the particles,when it is placed in an environment with specific humidity levels.

"We can easily garner more energy by applying the chlorides and aligning the fibers in a certain way. We can use the power to operate wearable devices and IoT sensors."

Researchers are currently aiming to come up with ways to commercialize the energy-creating method.
Their development was recently published in the articles of 'ACS Nano', a renowned nano-scientific journal,and "Energy & Environmental Science."
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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