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How to enjoy the summer beach safely during COVID-19 pandemic Updated: 2020-07-03 09:51:50 KST

As mentioned at the start of the program BEACHES across Korea are READY to WELCOME visitors BUT UNDER STRICT SAFETY GUIDELINES in light of the pandemic.
For more on this I have our Kim DAMI here in the studio.
Welcome, Dami.

Good afternoon.

So do tell us about the NEW NORMAL at beaches.

Right, now that the summer has come, those who are eager for a taste of summer are heading to the beaches.
And local beaches are preparing for a long hot summer with strict virus prevention guidelines.
First comes first. Temperature checks.
Visitors to beaches in Gangneung must get their temperatures checked, and are given wristbands to show they don't have a fever.
Sokcho Beach in Gangwon-do Province will, in fact, install automatic disinfection systems that sense and spray disinfectant on visitors.
Areas with no disinfectors will be blocked.

(KOREAN - ) YTN 2020-06-27 16:47
"Disinfecting machines will give all visitors that feeling of safety which is the most important. And the machines conduct the basic sterilization."
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Beaches can get crowded especially during the summer time.
What measures are in place to DEAL with the possibility of OVERCROWDING?

Right, to prevent overcrowding at the beaches, an online, color-coded alert system will show how crowded the beaches are.
A green light indicates that the number of people on a beach is under the recommended level.
That's a maximum of one person for every three.two square meters of beach.
Yellow is between 100 to 200 percent of that figure, and red over 200 percent.
The alert system is updated every 30 minutes.
Ten major beaches across the country have already implemented the system since Wednesday, and 50 other beaches will adopt the system by mid-July.

DAMI I hear some beaches have launched RESERVATION systems?

Right, you can choose which beach you'd like to visit, on what day, at what time and the number of people you're bringing.
In fact, those who are going to the beaches in Jeollanam-do Province must reserve their own beach spots.
You can do so on the government official website seantour.com or on the portal site Naver.
You can print out the reservation or simply show it on your phone on the day of your visit.
After getting your body temperature checked, you're ready to enjoy the beach.
Of course, it's impossible to stop people from coming without a reservation, but such a booking system could be one effective way to keep track of visitors.
And the government plans to expand its adoption nationwide, if the system is successful.

Well it is quite innovative I suppose.
What other safety practices are in place at these beaches?

Practicing social distancing is a muston the beach too.
And the country's QR code-based registration of visitors comes in handy.
Visitors have to show a QR code on their phone in order to use beach facilities such as showers and restrooms.
At beaches in Sokcho, only 7 people can use the showers for 8 minutes at a time.
Busan city and Jeju Island will limit the number of parasols on local beaches.
Visitors will be required to keep a certain distance from other parasols.
And of course, local beaches will continue to reminder visitors to practice social distancing.

Now before you go do you have any more advice on how beach-goers can enjoy themselves this summer?

I personally prefer more secluded beaches.
And if you do too, you can check out some that have been designated as serene, peaceful beaches by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.
That includes five beaches in Gangwon-do Province like Nobong and Sacheon, six beaches in Jeollanamdo-Province and five in Gyeongsangnam-do Province including Okgye and Namildae.
For more, please refer to the government's official website www.seantour.kr.
One final reminder Unfortunately, beaches will be closed at night, and there will be no summer beach festivals this year.

Alright, some new guidelines and new ways to enjoy the summer vibe on the beach amid this global pandemic Dami, thank you for sharing those tips with us.

My pleasure.
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