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VIRTUAL SPORTS TRAINING Updated: 2020-07-07 10:33:58 KST

Virtual classes are the new norm amid COVID-19
Online, virtual classes are now in full swing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seoul National University
Gwanak-gu District, Seoul

The world of sports, where physical training is essential to keep athletes competing at an elite level, is also doing the best it can to adjust to this new reality.

Featuring lights, cameras and a green screen, one might think this is a television studio, but it is actually a gymnasium and a lecture room, at least for today.

Coach is from the Korea Handball Federation and he is giving a virtual lesson today, with students tuning in from their computers.

Be mindful of your arm and leg positions when you’re defending, depending on the dominant hand of the attacking player. If the attacker is a right-handed player, the defender must have his or her left hand and leg out front.

What classrooms looked like last year, before COVID-19

COVID-19 has prompted a switch to virtual classes

This is an annual leadership program run by the Korea Handball Federation. Up until last year, students gathered and trained together physically, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire program is now being offered virtually, with the use of video training aids.

JANG In-ik, Head Coach / Korea Handball Federation
When we trained together physically, the instructors could easily communicate with the players and ask questions back and forth. That is difficult to do when I’m teaching virtual classes all alone.
I’m worried that my video lessons won’t come across as I intended to.
It is a bit awkward, but I can always use these videos as training aids in the future, so that is one positive takeaway.

Coach, you can catch the ball in that spot. Ki-hyun is going to throw it from over there.

The instructors not only provide taped lectures, but also overlay CGs on top of the videos to create a lively training aid.

KIM Hwan-sung / Program Participant
I was enrolled in this program last year, and applied again this year to learn something more diverse, but I thought about canceling because of the COVID-19 outbreak.
But, the online lectures were of great help to me.

Video training aid to be translated
and provided to 43 countries

This video training course will be provided to 43 countries across Asia, with subtitles in English, Arabic and other languages, in order to train future leaders in the sport of handball.

JANG In-ik, Head Coach / Korea Handball Federation
Some things may be lacking because it’s the first time we’ve tried anything like this, but since we could be doing more virtual training next year as well, I’m sure we can make improvements in the meantime.

AHN Ji-hwan, Head of Operations / Korea Handball Federation
You could call this K-Handball training, and it’s meaningful in the sense that we’re aiming to become a role model for Asia in handball training. It is the most appropriate method of training in this era of no-contact, and we could train new leaders of the sport not only in Korea, but also across Asia as well.
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