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Performances and exhibitions children might want to enjoy for summer vacation Updated: 2020-07-24 17:09:25 KST

It's the end of the week and that means it's time for our life and culture segment.
We have our very own Kim Bo-kyoung joining us in the studio.
Hello there, Bo-kyoung.
So, you've got our weekly dose of cultural exhitibions and performances for us tonight.
But, better yet, how can we spend some quality time with our children now that even online classes are out for the summer?
Hi, Conn-young, some elementary schools have already started their summer vacation, and parents and children will be looking for fun ways to fill the days off.
I went to Hakchon theater, near Hyehwa Station in Seoul, well-known for its performances for children. This summer, the steady-selling musical 'We are Friends' is running there. Let's take a look.
Kids laugh along as the actors on stage perform amusing acts.
Hakchon Theater, is a venue that has long been focusing on children's musicals and plays since it opened 16 years ago.
This one is an adaptation of the German play, 'Max und Milli', and boasts of the highest number of spectators among all of Hakchon's childrens' musical series.
"This children's musical… titled 'We are Friends', is a performance which has been a steady-seller at theaters every summer since it premiered in 2004."
Two siblings meet a new friend who's scared of his strict father.
At first they have hard time becoming friends, but after helping each other avoid getting into trouble with their parents, they forge a strong friendship.
The musical not only shows how three kids become good friends but also allows adults to reflect on how they treat their own children.
Instruments including guitar, double bass and xylophone are played all throughout the show, allowing for engaging experience.
People, including the actors themselves, say the musical is a great opportunity for kids to enjoy the show while forgetting about COVID-19.
"We recently had our first performance this year, and I felt very happy when the kids laughed during the show. I believe children's laughter gives energy and I hope they can forget about any frustrations they may have felt due to COVID-19 and enjoy the show with their loved ones."
The musical 'We are Friends' will run until August 30th, then another children's musical series called 'Like a Superman' will kick off afterwards.
It sounds like a nice show that kids can enjoy.
Bo-kyoung, are there any other cultural events we might want to take a look at?
Sure, First of all, the musical 'Magic Candies' is based on a book written by Baek Hee-na, who won a prize at the Bologna Children's Book Fair.
It is a well-made musical with imaginative elements.
Another series of books that come alive on stage are the works of illustrator Anthony Browne. His characters appear in the musical 'A Mysterious Playground'.
The family musical 'The Bear of the Spring' is another good option with a touching story and high quality music.
Now shifting gears to events for adults, opera fans can head over to Seoul Arts Center this weekend for a gala concert by South Korea's top opera singers.
For those who prefer classical music, conductor Gum Nan-se and the New World Philharmonic Orchestra are performing 'The Carnival of the Animals' at Chungmu Arts Center on Tuesday.
Lastly, the closing show of Yeowoorak Festival fuses Korean traditional music with hip-hop by well-known artist TigerJK.
It will be broadcast live on Naver TV's 'National Theater of Korea' channel.
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