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Jamsu Bridge and some highways in Seoul closed due to flooding Updated: 2020-08-06 17:03:50 KST

As heavy rains continue to batter Seoul and the surrounding area, major highways running across the capital remain partly closed this evening with the first flood alert in nine years issued for areas near a major bridge on the Han River.
Our Jang Tae-hyun is live at the banks of the river that cuts across the capital - right by the Jamsu Bridge, a low-lying bridge often used to gaugge the level of rain the Seoul.
Tae-hyun, tell us how things are looking at the moment.

Connyoung, you can see a bridge behind me, but that's not the Jamsu Bridge.
The one below is the Jamsu Bridge and it's completely submergedwith water levels now over 11 meters high.
As of 11 AM, a flood warning was issued for the area around the Han River Bridge in Seoul for the first time in nine years.
Residents in 11 Seoul districts near the Han River, like Yongsan-gu, Seongdong-gu, Gwangjin-gu, and Mapo-gu, will have to be alert for any possible flooding.

The Han River is so high at the moment because the Paldang Dam further upstream has released an enormous amount of backed up water.
The government sent an emergency message at 6 PM this evening to say thatdue to the situation with Paldang Dam and high tides in Incheon, the merge area between Tancheon and Yangjae Streams could flood.
So, people should stay away from that area.
The Jamsu bridge has been closed for five days now and is expected to remain closed because another dam, the Soyang Dam, also released water on Wednesday afternoon.
It's been three years since this dam last opened its floodgates.
Soyang Dam is located further upstream on the Bukhan River, and it's one of the largest dams in Korea, so this could greatly affect the water level.

Tae-hyun, as we're at the peak of the evening rush hour in the nation, how's traffic looking like in the capital?

About the traffic situation, many major roads are closed due to the heavy rain.
The Gangbyeon, Dongbu and Olympic expressways are closed.
Parts of Seoul's inner ringroad from Seongsu junction to Majang ramp are also closed.
Early this morning, a flood warning was issued at Daegok Bridge on the Tancheon Stream.
So, people living near Gangnam-gu and Songpa-gu Districts in Seoul should stay alert.
Back to you.

Our very own Jang Tae-hyun live from the Han River that cuts across Seoul.
Thanks, Taehyun. Be safe.
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