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Chuseok holiday movie playlist: movies to watch with the family Updated: 2021-09-20 18:06:58 KST

If you're looking to kick back and relax this Chuseok, here are some feel-good movies you can watch with the family.
The first movie to look out for is called "My Big Mama's Crazy Ride."
The movie came out this January, so you can watch it at home on OTT platforms like Watcha play.
The plot centers around a very traditional family.
Women are confined to the kitchen during family celebrations, and their jobs are mostly waiting on men hand and foot while whipping up heaps of food.
But one woman, the oldest of the wives, decides that she's had enough.
She rounds up all the other women in a minivan and just takes off.
The movie follows their adventure.
All the while, the men hopelessly try to find their way around the kitchen.

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"Our mothers used to be in charge of backbreaking household chores. The holidays are coming up soon and it seems like many still are. The holidays should be fun for everybody, but I wanted people to reflect on how some people spend it by slaving away in the kitchen."

Or if you want to head to the theaters this holiday, "The Miracle" is a heart-warming tale for the whole family.

"Dear Mr. President,
Our village doesn't have a road."

It's a humble yet extraordinary story about a high school student trying to get a train station built in his isolated village, and how people come together to make his dream come true.

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"The movie is set in the 80's so it helps people reminisce about that time and teach younger generations values from that time. It seems like a very family-friendly movie during Chuseok."

The movie carries a message of hope and collaboration that transcends generations.

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"These days, families are becoming more fragmented and there are limited opportunities for them to get together. But Chuseok is still the time for family gatherings where different generations can communicate with each other over a nice meal. Movies can help carry the conversation smoothly."

Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News
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