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Meet Christian Lagahit, Filipino actor on Netflix's Squid Game Updated: 2021-10-15 17:28:59 KST

It's now redundant to say what a global sensation Squid Game is creating across the globe, so how about we start with a fun fact?
Netflix's Squid Game is now a viral sensation, but would it have been quite as big without a name that sticks itself in your mind? We could have found out, as it turns out that Squid Game was almost not what the show was called, until the director himself pushed to ensure the name was used.
Apparently, the show was almost called Round Six as those at Netflix feared Squid Game, an authentic Korean game, wouldn't resonate with people who don't know the game.
Well, what do you all think?

Anyhow, all things Squid Game is a huge hit and so is a Filipino actor who made a brief appearance on the viral sensation.
He is Player 276 in Squid Game.
Christian Lagahit is in the studio with us to talk about his experience being in the mega-hit show. Thank you for joining us.

I'm sure many of our viewers are curious about the behind-the-scenes tale of Squid Game. Tell us, how was your experience shooting for Squid Game? And how was it different from your previous shoots for other films and dramas?

(Lagahit appeared in the 2018 action-thriller “The Negotiation” and in the 2021 space Western “Space Sweeper. He also had minor roles in the K-dramas “Miss Lee,” "Taxi Driver," "The King," Eternal Monarch," "Itaewon Class," "Crash Landing On You" and "My ID is Gangnam Beauty," among others.)

Did you expect Squid Game to become this popular? How is the reaction back home?
How about among people around you and the general public? You've had a rather minor role as a background actor making short appearances. Despite this, are people recognizing you on the streets?

Do you have any interesting episodes or memorable moments during the shoot that you'd like to share with us?

Who did you interact with the most among the Squid Game cast and crew?

What got you into acting? How long have you been acting for? How did you begin acting in Korea?

How is it like to be in the entertainment industry in Korea? What are the hardships? How would you compare, if you could, with the entertainment industry back home in the Philippines?

How do you feel about Southeast Asians usually being portrayed on screen as subservient foreign workers in Korea? You yourself have been casted mostly as a foreign migrant worker or a villain. How is this for you?

Do you think Squid Game did a good job in portraying the exploitation of migrant workers in Korea?

What brought you to Korea? Tell us about your journey to Korea and your experience here.
Do you speak Korean? Do you plan to continue acting in Korea?

Christian Lagahit, actor now also known as Player 276 from the Netflix global sensation "Squid Game." Thank you for coming on the show and sharing your story with us and best of of luck to you for your future endeavors.
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