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Some 35,000 people gather in Brussels to protest against reinforced COVID-19 restrictions Updated: 2021-11-22 17:17:11 KST

Thousands of people gathered in central Brussels Sunday to protest re-imposed COVID-19 restrictions amid the latest spike in new cases.
Belgian police estimate some 35-thousand people were at the rally.
Many there to protest the government's strong advice to get COVID-19 shots, as well as potential moves to impose mandatory vaccinations.
The demonstration also turned violent with hundreds of people smashing up cars and setting fire to garbage bins.
Police responded with tear gas as well as water cannons, and were finally able to restore order before dusk.
Over the past several days, there have been marches in many European nations as one government after another has tightened antivirus measures.
In the Netherlands, police arrested over 50 people during unrest in The Hague and other towns on Sunday, after violence broke out at a demonstration against COVID-19 measures that kicked in the previous day.
Police say several officers were injured with two of them receiving treatment at home.
Thousands also gathered in Vienna after the Austrian government announced a nationwide lockdown beginning Monday to contain the country's latest surge.
Protesters demanded their fundamental rights and democracy, standing in opposition to the government's new measures that will only enable people to leave their homes for certain reasons, including buying groceries and going to the doctor.
While police used loudspeakers to tell protesters to wear face masks, most of the crowd ignored the demands.
Following skyrocketing infections across Europe, many governments have opted to introduce vaccine passes and lockdowns to try and contain the spread.
This comes on the heels of the WHO's warning that another half-a-million people could die of COVID-19 across Europe by March next year if emergency measures are not taken.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.
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