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S. Korea develops self-healing cellphone screen film Updated: 2021-11-29 10:37:39 KST

Researchers in South Korea recently developed a type of display film for cellphones that can be repaired using only heat.
Thinner than a single strain of hair, the film can be applied to cellphone screens to protect them from cracks and other forms of damage.
But to drastically enhance its transparency and sturdiness, researchers added synthetic sulfur particles to the special polymer film.
And if it gets scratched or damaged, it takes only ten minutes to repair when exposing it to a normal hairdryer.

"It has self-healing abilities from physical damage. The fact that heat can repair it allows users to use it as if it's new every time."

Industry insiders believe that once the film is fully commercialized, it could reduce nearly half the current number of smartphones being brought in for repair.
The film is also expected to serve as a crucial material for some high-tech industries.
Developers claim it can be applied to space projectiles or satellites to provide a self-healing barrier against extreme extraterrestrial conditions.

But for now, development is still at a rudimentary level,as researchers are currently figuring out how to make the film bendable for it to be used on foldable smartphones.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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