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STUDIO & SKYPE SESSION Updated: 2021-12-01 09:30:11 KST

BTS FANS are in Los Angeles as we speak to PARTAKE in the group's FIRST IN-PERSON PERFORMANCE TOUR since the start of the pandemic that COMES on the HEELS of TOP MARKS at the American Music Awards as well as a GRAMMY NOMINATION.
For more I have music critic Kim Young-dae here in the studio.
It's a pleasure to have you back Young-dae .
I also have HUGH MC-IN-TYRE a music journalist who contributes to the Forbes.
Welcome to the program Hugh.

1) Young-dae let's begin with the SIGNIFICANCE of BTS's Los Angeles tour amid the pandemic.

2) Hugh BTS performed TWO SOLD-OUT SHOWS this past weekend AND will be on stage yet again later on this Wednesday and Thursday.
What has been the media response to this IN-PERSON REUNION between BTS and its ARMY over in the U.S.?

3) Hugh aside from the RECORD TICKET SALES I understand the RIPPLE EFFECTS of BTS's tour is being felt by local businesses.
What more can you tell us?

4) Young-dae BTS secured a nomination for BEST GROUP PERFORMANCE for the second straight year.. but it was NOT INCLUDED in the major categories of the 20-22 Grammy Awards.
What are your thoughts?

((Some critics are claiming BTS is LONG OVERDUE for a win at the Grammy AND regardless of how things turn out on Jan 31st next year BTS will continue to OUTPACE the RELEVANCE of the awards.))

5) And Hugh again what has been the media response over in the U.S. with regard to this reality?

6) Young-dae BTS MEMBERS also spoke out against racism during their show on Sunday.
Do you see their message RESONATING within the community?
((Back in June last year BTS donated ONE MILLION U.S. dollars to the Black Lives Matter movement AND WITHIN 24 HOURSof this donation the BTS ARMY did the same.))

7) Hugh what are your thoughts on BTS's POTENTIAL ROLE in RAISING awareness of AND RALLYING support behind ISSUES of UNIVERSAL CONCERN?

8) Meanwhile Young-dae what are your prospects with regard to BTS's WINNING of the best group performance award at the Grammy in January?

9) Hugh do you suppose BTS is also having an impact on the U.S. pop scene?

10) Young-dae how do you view the current ongoing debate over possible military exemptions for BTS MEMBERS?
((Lawmakers have also failed to reach a consensus on the matter.))

11) Hugh what do you believe would be the REPERCUSSIONS of a HALT in BTS's music activities as its members ENLIST?

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