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Summer-like high temperatures with high UV index Updated: 2022-05-17 10:38:27 KST

Good Tuesday afternoon.. It feels like we're somewhere in-between spring and summer As a warm south-westerly wind is blowing into the country,,, daytime highs will be soaring again Seoul seeing 27 degrees,,, And Daegu spiking up to 28 degrees

The farther south you go,, the warmer it gets with the mercury hitting 29 degrees in Gyeongju And of course strong sunshine means a high UV index So don't forget to put on your sunscreen,,, And things will rapidly cool down in the evening,, I hope you grabbed your jacket for your evening commute

Now that dry weather advisories have been issued,, in many places We have to keep an eye on the wildfire risk Mountainous areas of Gangwondo province are very susceptible to fire.. with wind gusting at 25m per second from tonight Please take extra precautions

As we're traveling into the later part of the week It'll get much warmer.. And we do have a chance of rain tomorrow morning,,, but it won't be enough to ease the dryness

Now,, let's take a look at the worldwide weather conditions
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