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[NEWS-INDEPTH] Expert's forecast of political landscape in S. Korea Updated: 2022-08-10 17:08:03 KST

For more in-depth analysis, we now turn to Professor Hong Sung-gul of Kookmin University.

1. Is this emergency leadership system only unique to South Korea? Why do we hear about this system so often when talking about domestic politics?

2. What about other countries? How do political systems work?

3. The conservative party has activated the emergency system eight times since 2010.
This time, the ruling People Power Party has transitioned to an emergency leadership only three months after the Yoon Suk-yeol government was launched.
What's the difference this time compared to the previous emergency leadership transitions?

4. What tasks lie ahead for the PPP? What's your forecast on conflicts within the party over factional power struggles?

5. Now, the country's three major political parties, the ruling PPP, the main opposition DP and and minor progressive Justice Party, have all switched to emergency leaderships.
What's your forecast on the political landscape in South Korea overall?

Professor HONG Sung-gul from Kookmin University. Thank you for your insights.
And many thanks for our political correspondent Lee Kyung-eun.
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