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World News: 800 prisoners escape after attack on Dem. Rep. of Congo prison Updated: 2022-08-11 10:15:08 KST

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In the Democratic Republic of the Congo there's been an attack on a prison.
Dozens of armed militants attacked a prison in the city of Butembo on Wednesday and freed over 800 prisoners.
Five people were killed in the jailbreak, including two police officers.
Local authorities say at least 80 individuals stormed the prison during a prisoner transfer, leaving only 58 inmates of the original 874 behind.
A spokesperson for the DRC army blamed a militant group called the Allied Democratic Forces for the attack, saying that the rebels struck after learning female prisoners affiliated with them would be transferred.
The armed group has been active in eastern Congo since the 1990s and is known to have ties to Islamic State.
It's also responsible for a number of massacres and previously staged a prison break in 2020, freeing over 1,300 inmates.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has reshuffled his Cabinet amid falling approval ratings and ties to the Unification Church.
A new Cabinet was introduced on Wednesday, replacing 14 of the 20 members.
This follows polling showing that the previous Cabinet's approval rating had dropped as low as 46-percent.
It also comes as Kishida attempts to distance his administration from the controversial Unification Church.
Several of the previous Cabinet members had ties to the church, which had been connected to fraudulent activities.
This reshuffle is the second in only 10 months since Kishida was sworn in.
Commenting on the move, the PM said all new Cabinet members have agreed to have any links to the church reviewed and will help victims of fraudulent religious organizations.

A drought in Germany looks set to make the Rhine River unusable for supply boats.
German water and shipping authorities have predicted that by Friday, water levels at a key section of the waterway will drop below 40-centimeters.
That would be too low for barges carrying coal and oil upriver.
This will impact Germany's ability to fuel its power plants at a time when gas supplies are being squeezed by Russia.
Barges have already needed to cut cargo loads by up to 50-percent to pass through shallow sections.
Germany faced a similar situation in 2018 when Rhine water levels hit a record low of 25-centimeters.

Lego is celebrating its 90th birthday with a unique birthday cake.
Made up of over 94-thousand pieces, the Lego cake was revealed on Wednesday at the Lego House in the Danish city of Billund.
The cake has nine layers, each representing a decade of Lego.
To mark the day, events were held at stores all over the world.
Lego first started in 1932 and began producing today's well-known bricks in 1958.
The company now produces 100 billion bricks per year.

Matthew Ashley, Arirang News.
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