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Go master Lee Se-dol loses final match of 3 game retirement series
Updated: 2019-12-22 09:04:40 KST
South Korean Go master Lee Se-dol has lost the final round of his three-game retirement series against his AI opponent HanDol.
Held in Lee's hometown of Sinan County, Jeollanam-do Province the game lasted nearly 5 hours until Lee conceded on the 122nd turn.
Though the 36-year-old won the first match on Wednesday, the locally developed HanDol program won the next two, winning the overall series.
Lee will receive 172-thousand U.S. dollars as prize money for the first win.
In 2016, Lee made history by becoming the first human player to beat Google's AlphaGo.
But the latest game will be his last as a professional, wraping up a 24-year career because, he says, AI cannot be beaten.
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