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S. Korea to combine AI and CCTV systems to prevent crimes
Updated: 2020-01-03 16:07:56 KST
A man follows a woman crossing a street alone at night.
As she enters an alley, he attacks her from behind and attempts a sexual assault.
Luckily, the attempt fails, but it could have ended much worse.

"Every time I walk into a dark alley, I worry that somebody may be following me."

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in South Korea, is developing AI technology that will be able to prevent crimes in public places.
By analyzing CCTV footage, the AI will determine in advance whether there is danger.
The AI will first identify the gender and the age range of a person appearing on the CCTV.
It then will detect if the person is carrying a weapon, or if they are being chased.

"If danger is detected, the AI will automatically make a sound, or turn on a street light. If the situation is serious, it can dispatch a police officer."

The research team also plans to develop technology that can track the location of sex crime offenders with electronic ankle bracelets.
Regarding concerns about privacy violations, the team plans to use video effects to mask people's faces and protect their identity.

"The masking effect will automatically cover people's faces from the moment the video is collected. The original video will be masked, saved, and then discarded. Only authorized people will be able to restore the original video."

The ETRI research team says they will begin trials by early next year.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.
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