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North Korea unlikely to conduct nuclear or ICBM test in near future: U.S. expert
Updated: 2020-01-03 16:08:55 KST
A U.S. expert says North Korea is not likely to conduct an ICBM or nuclear test in the near future.
Joel Wit founder of 38 North said in a press call that Pyeongyang is aware of the implications, but that they do have the alternative of deploying new strategic weapons that would have a huge impact without the downsides of a major test.
His remarks come after the North threatened to showcase a "new strategic weapon."
Wit suggested redeploying nuclear weapons in South Korea, saying it's important that Washington maintains the promise of extended deterrence to its allies.
He also said that to have an effective strategy, the allies need to restart their joint military exercises and reach a quick agreement on sharing the costs of South Korea's defense.
But Wit said that at the same time, the U.S. must show the North that the door is still open for dialogue.
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