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S. Korea starts flying unmanned airship to tackle fine dust problem in industrial sites
Updated: 2020-01-06 04:05:15 KST

The National Institute of Environment Research has recently started flying an unmanned airship to boost monitoring of air pollutants originating from the nation's industrial sites.
This is the first unmanned flying vehicle permitted by the government that can be operated to check on air pollution levels.

The airship hovers above an industrial complex cramped with some one-hundred-thirty factories in Chungcheongnam-do Province.
Equipped with a pollutant-measuring module and a GPS device, the aircraft monitors the amount of fine dust released from each factory.
The figures are instantly processed and transferred to the main screen operated by researchers on the ground.

"Today, the air is in constant movement,which indicates the pollution level is relatively low. But the airship can pick up other fine dust-related readings once it reaches the factory's chimney."

As opposed to drones, which can only operate for about twenty minutes per charge,the airship can stay in the air for up to four hours.
It also simultaneously examines the air conditions of an area as large as one square kilometer.

"Industrial sites across the nation can take up large areas, but our airship, when put in auto-pilot mode, can cover a distance up to 140 kilometers in four hours."

With more than fifty nine-thousand industrial sites located across the nation, the environment ministry said the newly developed airship, used with other high-tech equipment, will greatly contribute in reducing fine dust concentrations around industrial sites.
Cho Sungmin, Arirang News.
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