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The state of S. Korea's AI industry and where it should go
Updated: 2020-01-06 16:06:52 KST
Capability in Artificial Intelligence can be measured by several indicators.
The National Information Society Agency has done research to estimate how much South Korea has developed by comparing it with the U.S., Japan, China, India, Israel and Europe.
The results of the research show that South Korea is among the leaders in AI, but that there are also some areas that the country needs to work on.
China ranked first for the number of patents registered with around 13-hundred patents, the U.S. was next with about half of China's, and South Korea ranked third, just behind the U.S.
When it comes to the number of research papers published, China again led the way, followed by the U.S., with Europe third with more than 130 papers.
The U.S. was top for AI market size, followed by the England and China. South Korea was ranked 5th for AI market size.

Although one of the leaders in AI, South Korea is quite a way behind the U.S. and China. An expert on AI says the South Korean public didn't show much interest in AI until Korean Go master Lee Se-dol was defeated by an AI opponent.
Yet, he said Korea can develop its AI industry much more if unnecessary regulations are abolished.

"The biggest weakness of South Korea's AI Industry is that it cannot use data effectively due to the law and systems which need to be redesigned. So it is necessary to get rid of regulations that deter the development of AI, make a choice and focus on something we are good at."

Given that South Korea is well known for its IT technology, the expert said much progress could be possible if data can be freely used.
KIM Bo-kyoung, Arirang News.

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