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Battle of 8K TVs, AI products heats up between LG, Samsung ahead of CES 2020
Updated: 2020-01-08 07:06:24 KST
The show hasn't started yet, but the battle of the screens has already begun.
Ahead of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, South Korea's tech giants have showcased their latest dazzling TV displays and smart home devices.
LG on Monday revealed its new OLED TV screens, the world's first to be certified as 8K Ultra High Definition.
The TV runs on LG's own AI processor, which upscales video quality to 8K, recognizes and enhances video and audio quality by sharpening faces and allows text on-screen.
Samsung also revealed its own 8K line-up of thin micro-LED displays, over the weekend.
They come with similar AI features, but showcases the industry's first almost-frameless display a 99 percent screen to display ratio.
Its lifestyle TV called "Sero" meaning vertical in Korean, won the CES innovation award this year for its ability to rotate between portrait and landscape modes in sync with your smartphone.

"Samsung's Infinity screen was very impressive. It's the really pushing the boundaries of design and really creating a product that blends into your environment rather than taking it over LG that has the advantage with OLED being a very thin form factor without a backlight, The OLED picture quality is remarkable and the the ability to display those amazing black levels the compatibility with gaming devices as well, and that's a really important feature."

"So it's a neck and neck competition between Samsung and LG this year to bring HK for the masses though 8K TVs won't be as cheap or affordable as 4K TVs this year, but of course at the same time, this would help companies bring more Innovations to the 8K world as we already have 8K cameras."

In another face-off, both companies are expected to display their AI-equipped refrigerators that can identify the food inside it to draw up recipes and shopping lists.
Robot chefs and cleaning devices are also part of each firms' smart, connected home solution.

"It's hard to determine whether LG or Samsung is coming out stronger, but what's for certain is that the Korean tech giants are setting the standard high for connected, AI-based home technology, which industry experts say will become the talk of this year's show.
Oh Soo-young, Arirang News, Las Vegas."
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