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Samsung sets out vision for 'Age of Experiences' in CES 2020 keynote
Updated: 2020-01-07 16:04:27 KST
Samsung is aiming to lead the world into a new era of personalized technologies that enhance and connect all aspects of life.
That's according to the tech giant's CEO of consumer electronics, Kim Hyun-suk, in a keynote speech delivered Tuesday - the eve of CES.
Kim said 2020 will usher in what he called an "Age of Experiences" where consumer tastes are shifting from products to memorable moments of convenience and enjoyment.
He stressed the need to provide highly customized and seamless experiences by combining smart devices and Artificial Intelligence.
As an example, he demonstrated a companion robot called Ballie that follows the user around the home, helps with chores and personal wellness, and connects with other smart devices for convenience of use.
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