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Samsung Labs reveals mysterious 'virtual human' project
Updated: 2020-01-08 13:30:22 KST
Also at CES, Samsung has revealed what are being called "artificial humans" with what the company says is the "ability to show emotions and intelligence."
After weeks of anticipation on social media, Samsung's Star Labs subsidiary on Tuesday revealed its so-called "Neon" project.
It's a line-up of computer-generated avatars called Natasha, Frank and Hana, who look and behave like real people and respond to their owners in a matter of milliseconds.
Powered by an AI system called Core R3, they are expected to be launched for corporate use, becoming teachers, flight attendants, chefs and even doctors.
Samsung insists that "Neon" is not just a smart assistant like Bixby or Alexa, but a "one-hundred percent" visually real "friend" for human beings.
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