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Buzz at CES 2020: Fake people, fake meat, fake privacy
Updated: 2020-01-09 07:37:00 KST
There's plenty to grab people's attention at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, but some of the most captivating products have one thing in common--they might all just be 'fake'.

After weeks of anticipation on social media, "artificial humans" were finally revealed by Samsung's Star Labs subsidiary.
The so-called "Neon" project, is a line-up of computer-generated avatars called Natasha, Frank and Hana.
The fake people, look and behave like real people, even showing emotions, and they can respond to their owners in a matter of milliseconds.
Powered by artificial intelligence, they are expected to be commercialized in the future, becoming teachers, flight attendants, chefs and even doctors.

There was also a buzz around fake pork.
Impossible Foods officially launched its plant-based-pork products on Monday, on the sidelines of CES.

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"Our mission is to completely replace animals in the global food system. We've been serious about that since day one, and of course you're not going to achieve that mission without taking on pork."

Attendees got to taste the plant-based pork sandwiches and tacos themselves.
The meatless pork and sausages mimicked the taste and texture of meat.

Meanwhile, the world's leading tech companies are tackling user privacy concerns.
Google announced that it has added two new voice commands, and Facebook has updated its Privacy Checkup tool, to help users better upgrade their account security.
But critics say this falls short of achieving "true" privacy.
The Washington Post has even gone as far as calling it "fake" privacy, saying the companies may just be using fear to sell their security gadgets, and are only integrating surveillance into everyday things.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.
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