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Air pollution levels remain high, higher than norms
Updated: 2020-01-10 10:33:47 KST
Good afternoon. People in Daegu and the central part of the country will need a face mask today. Ultrafine dust particles continue to fill the air what's worse, this weekend is also forecast to be a dusty one in most regions.

It was a colder morning than yesterday but afternoon highs will be a couple of notches higher than today, hovering above the seasonal norms. In fact, weather experts are predicting that this winter could be one of the warmest on record, as there is no extremely cold weather in store for the remainder of January.

Seoul and Chuncheon both rise to 4 degrees Celsius. Jeju at 10 degrees. Most regions will be under lots of sunshine.

Early next week, we will have very cold morning lows but considering we are going through what is usually the coldest time of the year the temperatures are bearable. Jeju will see showers this weekend.

That's Korea for you and here's the international weather for viewers around the world.
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