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Clear skies tonight but ultra-fine dust to turn 'bad' on Saturday
Updated: 2020-01-10 17:07:44 KST
It's looks like we're in for more smoggy skies in the capital tomorrow, with fine dust levels reaching 'very bad' levels

Emergency fine dust reduction measures will be put into effect.
Let's turn to our Natalie Seok at the Weather Center for the details.

Yes, the emergency measures will be enforced from 6A.M to 9PM tomorrow in the capital and Chuncheong-buk-do Province. The smog flowing in from China is worsening the already 'bad' levels of fine dust. And tomorrow, the entire nation, except for Jeju Island, will be under a blanket of ultra fine dust which will reach 'bad' levels. So, children and the elderly, or those with respiratory diseases should avoid outdoor activities tomorrow, if possible.

Meanwhile, the morning lows will remain below freezing tomorrow. Seoul wakes up to minus 1 degree Celsius, Chuncheon minus 5 degrees and Jeju 6 degrees.

But the daytime highs will stay a few notches above the seasonal average. The daytime temperature is mild at 4 degrees in Seoul, 8 in Daegu and 10 in Busan.

So, another mild day is in store for us tomorrow. And we'll be able to see sunshine breaking through the clouds.

Tomorrow, the central areas will see the odd snowflake fall during the early morning. And Jeju Island will have some drizzle from tomorrow night into Sunday morning, while the capital will continue to see subzero lows and warm daytime highs.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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