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Korean researchers develop talking signals for plants
Updated: 2020-01-13 05:05:21 KST

"I need water. I need sunlight."

When the plant receives water and light, a voice responds with the following.

"Thank you for water. I'm fine."

This technology, developed in Korea, can read microbial signals from around a plant's roots.
When a plant gets enough water and sun, it carries out photosynthesis and activates microbes.
The electric charge from the microbes can then be processed as electronic signals indicating the plant's current state.
If the plant does not get enough water or sun, the microbes are less activated, resulting in weaker signals.
These signals trigger the voice that comes through the speakers.

"It was designed to detect the state and activity of the plant within 30 minutes of giving it water."

The electric charge from the microbes around the plant's roots are read and transferred through sensors planted inside the soil.
This way the plant's health can be accurately assessed without damaging it.

"I think using this technology can be useful in managing large numbers of plants more easily and increasing plant productivity."

With more people in Korea choosing to grow plants at home for their physical and emotional health, this could also make their hobby more fun.
Park Se-young, Arirang News.
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