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Moon says it's early to be pessimistic over lack of dialogue with N. Korea
Updated: 2020-01-14 10:23:07 KST
We start with President Moon Jae-in's new year press conference which just wrapped up minutes ago
It focused on two major topics North Korea diplomacy and his prosecution reform drive.
For a recap on it we go live to our presidential office correspondent Shin Se-min.
Se-min tell us more about today's press conference.

Some of the main topics during today's presser were North Korea and the Moon administration's ongoing push for prosecutorial reform.
On the issue of the Korean peace process, the president said despite the lack of progress seen on the denuclearization process, it is still too early to be pessimistic about dialogue with the regime.
This is what he said:

"There is more to it than meets the eye in diplomacy. Although inter-Korean relations are going through a rough time, efforts to expand bilateral cooperation through dialogue continue. We are pushing ahead with the optimistic prospect that it will turn out well."
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With that the president added that the most recent birthday message by U.S. President Trump to leader Kim Jong-un, and the fact that the North Korean leader immediately sent out its response, shows the tight relationship between the two leaders.
That alone, he said, signals that Pyeongyang has not shut down its channel of dialogue, adding that he hopes for future cooperation down the line.

And there was also a question about the situation in Iran as there are concerns that the situation could affect North Korea's will for denuclearization.
How did the president take that question?

Yes,.. in short, the president didn't directly answer the question.
He said instead, the situation between Washington and Tehran also had to do with local U.S. politics, but more than that, the president redirected his answer to how the denuclearization talks are short on time.

"With the U.S. now entering its presidential election mode, it may be difficult to host more active North Korea-U.S. talks. I believe the North and the U.S. don't have much time."
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The president added that he still is betting on the success of the denuclearization talks.
He also revisited how more active inter-Korean cooperation can positively influence the regime to get involved in more talks.

Now apart from diplomacy-related issues,… what about President Moon's prosecution reform drive.

Right the presser basically began with a barrrage of questions on the administration's prosecutorial reform drive.
The president, saying that the nation's prosecutors are still powerful, despite a set of measures being imposed,… said self-reform must take place.

"Prosecutorial reform can only be realized once the organization pushes for self-reform. The Prosecutor General should stand in the frontline for the reform to eventually transform the culture of the organization."
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On the nation's economy, the president said Korea seems to be doing its best to maintain its goal of 2-percent annual growth, and once again vowed to help the people of Korea realize some of the economic benefits of that growth this year.

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