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Navy's SSU infamous training takes place in Jinhae military base
Updated: 2020-01-16 10:07:17 KST
Try to imagine the training regimen of one of the most specialized forces in the Korean military that's dispatched to the worst situations that could unfold on the high seas.
Well, for starters, training for the Sea Salvage and Rescue Unit at the country's southern coastal military base of Jinhae is held in January the coldest time of the year without much clothing for warmth.

"The S-S-U is notorious for its intense training program aimed at preparing soldiers for search and rescue operations for some of the worst situations."

The S-S-U are all scuba divers specializing in operations in deep water, trained primarily to control their minds and bodies against the icy cold.
After a run, they go deep into the freezing ocean without much equipment after engaging in an exercise the previous day wearing heavy scuba gear.

"I put my utmost efforts into the training to overcome my limits and to gain confidence that I'll be prepared to save people's lives even in unpredictable conditions at sea."

The training also involves a Navy helicopter and SSU units in a simulation of a search and rescue operation.
The unit, which has roots going back to the early 1950s, is widely known for its recent participation in the search and rescue operation after a tour boat sank in 2018 in Hungary's Danube River as well as the 2014 Sewol-ho ferry disaster.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News, Changwon.
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