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Robots start delivery, cooking services in S. Korea
Updated: 2020-01-16 07:14:07 KST

The human desire for a more convenient life has been portrayed in many creative works, including film.

For instance, "Bicentennial Man" depicted a robot cooking, cleaning, and doing other chores for his human masters.
Although robots have not yet reached that level of service, they are able to help people save time on errands.

One example is a food delivery robot that carries food to someone who's ordered it through an app.

"Coming through food is on the way."

In an outdoor test at a college campus in South Korea, the robot successfully found the customer who ordered the food on the app.
Developers say the delivery robots, having passed all their tests, are on the brink of being fully commercialized.

Service bots have also appeared in hotels, kitchens, and construction sites.
They receive commands through an AI speaker and then bring basic amenities, including towels and water to guests.
In the buffet corner, a cooking robot oversees the noodle section.
It uses the same techniques human chefs do boiling the noodles, placing them in a bowl, and pouring hot soup on top of them.

Meanwhile, an excavator here is digging and moving piles of sand at a construction site, but there's no one in the cockpit.
This is a newly developed autonomous excavator run using AI technology.

"It's not about putting robots in jobs that humans can do. We can raise productivity by placing them in settings that are harsh for people."

The company says it plans to achieve full automation of construction machines by 2025, and experts say more developments in robot services are coming soon.
Cho Sung-min, Arirang News.
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