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China, Xi "very helpful" to U.S. in negotiations with N. Korea: Trump
Updated: 2020-01-16 16:02:44 KST
U.S. President Donald Trump says his administration will work closely with China on North Korean issues, praising Chinese leader Xi Jinping for his role in dealing with the regime.
After Wednesday's signing ceremony for the "Phase One" trade deal with China, Trump said Beijing is helping Washington with "a lot of things" when it comes to the North.
Calling the U.S. talks with Pyeongyang "a very beautiful game of chess or game of poker," Trump added that he's willing to step up efforts to work out North Korea-related issues.
As for China's role in all this, Trump said Beijing has been especially helpful with respect to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and noted Kim has great respect for President Xi.
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