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VJ 0630 Temperature checks on public transportation
Updated: 2020-06-30 17:19:30 KST
To prevent COVID-19 infections
smart temperature checks take place on public transport
I thought this thing only checks your temperature but it's surprising that it checks whether you have a mask on as well. I think it helps with preventing the spread of COVID-19 so I hope this system expands quickly to many places.
The face recognition temperature check system is a high quality infrared sensor that can recognize your face from a one-meter distance. It is also developed on the basis of a infrared thermal system that can simultaneously check your temperature. It is effective in preventing secondary transmissions of COVID-19.
Automatic non-contact face recognition
smart pass system in subway stations
We are testing a smart thermometer. Because it uses a non-contact method it's more efficient and accurate. We're expected to install it across all 10 stations on the Gimpo Goldline.
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