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Pulitzer Prize exhibition opens in Seoul sharing historical moments captured on film
Updated: 2020-07-03 11:17:21 KST

A special exhibition for Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalists is being held at Seoul Arts Center this year.
More than one-hundred-30 historic pictures are on display.
Choi Won-jong provides a glimpse of what to expect.
'The gunner shot the bullet, I shot the picture', said German war correspondent, Anja Niedringhaus.
This quote is the first thing that you see when walking into the Pulitzer Prize Photographs exhibition.
After selling more than 500-thousand tickets in 2014, the exhibition has returned to Seoul with a new theme: "Shooting the Pulitzer".
Out of the 134 photographs on display, the photojournalist who took this picture, says it isn't just a piece of art…but something that captures the story of the moment.
"I just want my picture can shed the light on our social problems and it gives a chance for people to think about the matter and they try to find the solution."
Photojournalist Kim Kyung-hoon, who became the first Korean national to win the prize in 2019, drew international attention by capturing a mother and daughter fleeing from tear gas at the U.S. border with Mexico.
For Kim, photography is a global language that can connect people around the world.
"Now in our society picture becomes our language we just communicate each other with pictures and images."
One organizer says this event can help people remember key moments that they may have forgotten.
"There are more than 130 pictures, but were all taken at different times and places. Every picture has great historical moments that people may have forgotten and should remember."
Photojournalists around the globe continue to capture many soon-to-be historical moments. But, in the meantime, the exhibition can be seen at Seoul Arts Center until October 18th.
Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.
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