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S. Korea experiences hottest June weather in 47 years
Updated: 2020-07-04 10:21:49 KST
Temperatures in June were their highest in 47 years.
The Korea Meteorological Administration said Friday that South Korea's average high temperature for June was 28 degrees Celsius and the average temperature reached 22.eight degrees.
That's one.five and one.six degrees Celsius higher than normal.
Beating the average of one.four, there were two days of intense heat in June with the mercury rising past 33 degrees.
The portal city of Busan experienced its hottest weather in one-hundred-16 years and Gangneung on the east coast in one-hundred-nine years.
The extraordinarily hot weather was caused by high pressure from the North Pacific Ocean and an influx of warm southwesterly winds.

Meteorologists say that this record-breaking hot weather will last throughout the summer.

Experts predict that temperatures for July through September will be higher than averagebut, aren't sure whether 2018's record of 31.four days of intense heat will be brokenas it depends on how often it rains.
Meanwhile, researchers at Northern Arizona University analyzed over 12-thousand years of climate data and said that evidence suggests that the earth is currently in its warmest state.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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