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Showers in Seoul capital area tonight...heat to continue tomorrow
Updated: 2020-07-06 17:03:57 KST
Time now to get a check on the weather.
Let's go over to our Lee Seung-min at the Weather Center.
Seung-min, today highs hovered around 30 degrees Celsius in Seoul and this heat looks set to continue for the week. Tell us more.

Right, Jung-hee. It was a baking hot Monday today here in the capital and the discomfort index has reached level ‘high' in most parts of the nation. The same goes for tomorrow, but in parts of some southern regions, level ‘very high' will be seen. This means that most of the population is likely to feel severe stress due to the sweltering weather. So, make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid outdoor activities if possible.

But amid the heat, sporadic showers are lingering in some parts. In inland regions, including the Seoul metropolitan area, less than five millimeters of sporadic showers are in store until tomorrow dawn. A bit more rain is expected in parts of Chungcheong-do Province, and in southern inland regions of up to 40 millimeters. Jeju Island can expect up to 80 millimeters for tonight.

For tomorrow morningSeoul will kick off at 21 degrees Celsius, Daegu and Busan at 22 degrees.

Daytime highs will be two to three degrees higher than today's. Seoul will reach up to 28 degrees, Daegu 32 and Busan 28 degrees.

For Korea's neighbors, Tokyo will see rainy spells and this is set to continue for a couple of days.

I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.
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