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S. Korean gov't to give out discount coupons to boost spending
Updated: 2020-07-08 17:07:57 KST
The South Korean government will be giving out eight types of discount coupon to boost consumption. It will spend some 140 million U.S. dollars on the coupons as part of its third supplementary budget.
The distribution of discount coupons for restaurants will start in August.
People who spend at least 20,000 won on a restaurant meal at least five times on weekends can receive these coupons.
The coupons will be given to 3.3 million people.
People buying agricultural or fishery products at traditional markets or government-run retailers can receive a 20 percent discount.
This discount will be given to six million people, starting from the end of August.
As for movies, the first one-and-a-half million people who book tickets online will get discounts.
The government will decide when to issue the movie discounts after closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19.
Discount coupons for museums and art galleries will be released in 'Museum Week', which runs from August 14th to August 23rd.
Three-and-a-half million people will get these discounts when making online reservations.
The government plans to further stimulate spending with discount coupons in other sectors such as tourism, accommodation and sports.
It expects a boost of around 750 million dollars in consumer spending through the discount coupons.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.
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