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S. Korea has new strategy to strengthen materials, parts and equipment sectors for chips, smartphones
Updated: 2020-07-09 06:02:36 KST
The South Korean government is looking to transform its strategy regarding key materials deemed critical for the nation's semiconductor and display industries.
The plan is to have it ready in time for the post COVID-19 era.
Dubbed 'Materials, Parts and Equipment 2.oh,' the trade ministry will be announcing a new way of strengthening South Korea's competitiveness in the global supply chain.
The main focus looks set to be on making South Korea a world-leading production cluster of parts needed to produce chips and smartphones.
That's the sector Japan targeted last year with its export curbs designed to disrupt production South Korea's key industries and weaken its competitiveness.
Since then, South Korea has managed to diversify import sources and develop its own domestic variations in the fields of materials, parts and equipment.
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