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U.S. pointman for N. Korea visits S. Korea's presidential office
Updated: 2020-07-09 10:05:10 KST
Let's start with the latest on the attempts to get North Korea back to the table for talks.
The U.S. point-man on North Korea, Stephen Biegun, dropped by South Korea's presidential office of Cheong Wa Dae this morning.
Biegun, who is also the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, held talks with Seoul's newly-appointed National Security Advisor.
For more, we have our presidential correspondent Kim Min-ji on the line.
Min-ji, do we have any details about the meeting yet?

Well Mark, no comments yet from the Blue House, but what we do know is that Biegen met with newly-appointed National Security Advisor Suh Hoon this morning.
Their meeting started at 10 AM, but we've yet to hear how long it lasted or what was discussed.
It's speculated that the two likely discussed North Korea issues, and possibly ways to get Pyeongyang back at the negotiating table.
Mind you, the North has recently said it doesn't have any intention of talking with Washington.
Biegun did not meet with President Moon Jae-in.

Now Biegun's trip to Seoul has drawn a lot of attention given that it comes amid a stalemate in Korean Peninsula affairs.
If you recall, North Korea has cut off communication channels with South Korea, and recently blew up the joint liaison office.

On Wednesday, Biegun met with Seoul's top foreign ministry officials following which he said the U.S. "strongly" supports inter-Korean cooperation.
He added that he's ready to resume negotiations with the North at any time and that the U.S. looks forward to continuing work toward a peaceful outcome on the Korean Peninsula.
After wrapping up his stay, Biegun will head to Japan for talks with officials there.
Back to you Mark.
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