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Pres. Moon vows to head towards 'Korean road' that contributes to global supply of parts, materials
Updated: 2020-07-09 13:25:42 KST
A year since Japan imposed export curbs on South Korea, the Moon administration has laid out a new set of measures to develop the country's own capacity in materials, parts and equipment.
Speaking at an SK Hynix factory in Icheon on Thursday, President Moon vowed to steer the local parts and materials sector toward what he called a "Korean road."

"We will walk a different road from Japan. We will turn this crisis into an opportunity to become a world power in the materials and parts industry. We seek to cooperate with the international community and contribute to the global supply network. This is the 'Korean road' we hope to advance towards."

President Moon said the government has now shifted its protective policies to ones aimed at taking a leap forward in the industry.
He said that just as K-quarantine has become a global role model, he said he hopes Korea can lead the world in the parts industry and help revitalize the economy.
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