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Vacationers in Gangwon-do Province log entry electronically with 'Clean Gangwon Passport'
Updated: 2020-07-09 17:07:46 KST
This summer, vacationers are stamping their way through Gangwon-do Province using the "Clean Gangwon Passport".

This digital entry log was created by the province to make travel safe amid COVID-19.

First, visitors make an account on the app or website.
They show the page to the venue, and if they don't have a fever, the staff give them an electronic stamp.
With that stamp, their personal information and the time they entered the place are automatically recorded on the local government's server.
The information is deleted after 30 days.

"For the sake of time and convenience, it gives a free pass to those who have already had a temperature check."

The pass lasts for 12 hours, so users only have to get their temperature checked twice a day even if they move to another place.

"It is more convenient than writing down the information on paper, and it was really easy to learn."

"In Korea, I trust the local government to use the information wisely"

The government says the system allows them to swiftly trace visitors if there is any emergency.

"It's especially efficient at popular tourist attractions because staff can walk around the crowd with this stamp and mark lots of phones at once."

The Clean Gangwon Passport is mandatory in some high-risk facilities such as singing rooms and nightclubs, but tourists are encouraged to use it in other places, and can receive rewards like free coffee or discounts if they do so.

"We encourage customers using cash to use this system more, because, unlike card users, the places they have been to are not recorded."

Some 5-thousand venues are currently registered on the system, and many more are set to join in the coming weeks.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.
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