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S. Korean gov't to announce another set of housing price measures Friday; cancels ruling party-gov't consultative meeting
Updated: 2020-07-10 05:54:32 KST
A previously-scheduled meeting between the ruling party and the government on tackling South Korea's overheating real estate market that was set for this morning was called off late last night.
Despite speculation the last minute move was due to the death of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon, ruling party officials insist the move had nothing to do with the case.
A briefing on new measures will still go ahead at 11am, Korea time.
The government rolled out stricter regulations aimed at cooling the heated housing market just last month, enforcing stricter mortgage rules and expanding special restrictions on more regions.
The administration's 21st set of housing price regulations failed to put the brakes on the intense real estate speculation that's forcing up property prices.
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