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Nationwide Donghaeng Sale retail campaign ends on Sunday
Updated: 2020-07-10 17:12:49 KST
Hundreds of booths at COEX in Seoul are showcasing a wide range of products.
They are part of the nationwide Donghaeng Sale campaign.

From this Friday to Sunday, retailers will be offering discounts of up to 70 percent on a range of cosmetics, healthcare products and food.

The campaign aims to boost consumption, which was hit hard by COVID-19.

"Many people said they will come visit us after work. And I think more people will come during the weekends."

"I think the products sold here are good. They are quite creative and I'm planning to buy something interesting."

People can also watch the event live on Youtube.
Influencers will try out the products and show them to the viewers.
And K-pop concerts and live shows create a buzz around the event.
Around one-hundred medical staff and fire fighters have been invited to the event as a way to show gratitude for their efforts.
Football legend Park Ji-sung will visit COEX on Saturday to meet the fans, and K-pop stars will perform in the evening on Saturday and Sunday.
Jang Tae-hyun, Arirang News.
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