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Trump walks back election delay suggestion, but continues assault on mail-in voting
Updated: 2020-07-31 17:08:27 KST
U.S. President Donald Trump has stepped back from his earlier idea of delaying the November 3rd presidential election, but defended his earlier tweet on it during a daily press briefing Thursday. by continuing his verbal assault on mail-in voting.

"Do I want to see a date change? No. But I don't want to see a crooked election. This election will be the most rigged election in history."

On his Twitter earlier in the day, President Trump explicitly floated the idea of delaying the election.
He said that mail-in voting would make the election inaccurate and fraudulent.
This was met by quick opposition from many, including former president Barack Obama.
During his eulogy at the funeral of late civil rights leader, John Lewis, Obama slammed Trump, but did so without using his name.

"Even as we sit here, there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting, even undermining the postal service in the run up to an election that's going to be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don't get sick."

Many U.S. media outlets also pointed out that President Trump has no power to unilaterally delay election day, which is enshrined in federal law.
It would require an act of Congress to change, including agreement from both the Democrats who control the House and the Republicans who control the Senate.
This coming as the U.S. economy posted its largest quarterly decline on record in the second quarter.
Critics and even some of the President's allies dismissed Trump's words as an attempt to distract the public from the grim economic news.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.
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