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Global COVID-19 cases see another record in daily new cases
Updated: 2020-08-01 13:02:22 KST

The world has seen a record number of daily new COVID-19 cases which exceed the 290-thousand mark. The total number of coronavirus cases reported around the world is now approaching 18 million.
And according to Johns Hopkins University on Friday local time, the outbreak has killed almost 680-thousand people around the world.

"The pandemic is a once-in-a-century health crisis, the effects of which will be felt for decades to come."

The number of infections in India is rising faster than anywhere in the world, with another all-time high surge reported in daily COVID-19 cases.
The country on Friday saw more than 55-thousand new daily infections and a death toll rise of at least 779 to a new total of more than 35-thousand.
The total number of COVID-19 cases in India has reached more than one.six million.
About 20 percent of residents in Delhi have been infected, and the country has recently seen surges in countryside areas where healthcare infrastructure is much weaker.
Meanwhile, the pandemic is spreading rapidly in Europe after the opening up of borders.
Belgium and Spain are seeing more new confirmed cases daily compared even to May when they saw surges in infections.
Italy and England are also seeing a rise in infections.

"Today, the weekly survey by the Office for National Statistics reports that the prevalence of the virus in the community in England is likely to be rising for the first time since May. Around one in 1,500 now have the virus compared to one in 1,800 on the 15th of July and one in 2,000 on the second of July."

With the surge of the virus, the British health secretary announced new restrictions on household visits in the northwest.
Eum Ji-young Arirang news.
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