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S. Korean health minister says medical school quota expansion inevitable
Updated: 2020-08-06 10:01:35 KST
South Korean health minister Park Neung-hoo made a statement to the nation today …a day before the doctor's scheduled all-out strike on August 7th.
He reiterated the need for the medical school quota expansion to broaden the research of health services and further develop the country's healthcare system.

"Dear respected medical personnel, please understand that expanding the medical school quota is an inevitable decision for the sake of the people and the nation. The government suggests we resolve problems through dialogue and communication and further develop our healthcare system."

In his final appeal against the strike, the health minister said the government will discuss in detail how to educate, deploy and train additional medical personnel …through close consultation with the medical field.
He called on junior doctors to refrain from collective action for the safety of the public.

"The government is deeply concerned that some medical organizations are considering collective leave or actions during this severe COVID-19 situation. This can harm the safety of the people. We ask you to refrain from collective action that can cause damage to the public and resolve issues through dialogue and consultation."

The South Korean government earlier announced that it will go ahead and add 4-thousand medical students over the next 10 years to swell the number of doctors and boost the response to future public health crises.
To this,… the doctors association said they will go on strike this Friday and on August 14th ,… as a way to express their dissatisfaction over the decision.
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