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K-Hip Hop and Breaking to Make Its Olympic Debut in Paris in 2024
Updated: 2021-12-07 17:04:04 KST
In the world of B-boying or break dancing also known as "breaking," South Korea has been dominating international competitions, and continues to be a standard-bearer.
Just this weekend, "Korea Hiphop Culture Association" held a massive dance festival titled "K-Hip Hop Avengers."
And come Paris 2024, breaking will make its debut as an Olympic event.
Today we have a couple of industry experts to break things down for us.
Bernie Cho, president of DFSB Kollective, and Park Jae-min, B-boy, actor and sports analyst. Welcome.

Let's start with breaking 101.
Do help us define what it means, how it got started and the reason behind its continued popularity.

There are four primary elements: toprock, downrock, power moves, and freezes.
They require the utmost physical prowess, discipline and dedication to master.

South Korea is ranked number two in the world after the U.S.
How big is the news of breaking becoming an Olympic event for the Korean hip hop community?

Under new IOC rules first introduced for the Tokyo Games, Olympic host cities can hand-pick sports and propose including them.
But why France and not the U.S.?

Korean Federation of DanceSport, KFD just completed the national team selection for the 2022 Asian Games and 2024 Paris Olympics.
What are the goals and expectations for these global events?

To truly appreciate the competition, one must understand the rules.
Could you outline what they are for Paris 2024?
Also what would the judges focus on in determining a winner?

At Paris 2024 we will have Kim Ye-ri, or b-girl "YELL" who overcame a hearing impairment to rise to the top.
18-year-old Filipino-American Logan 'Logistx' Edra, the youngest winner of Red Bull's BC One World Final, one of the biggest breaking festivals.
They are welcome additions as the IOC is keen to set a new standard for inclusive, balanced and youth-centered games.

"Breakbeat" is another very important term.
What is this crucial musical element in breaking?

TV ratings show clearly Koreans can't get enough of Hip-hop related programs.
Show Me the Money has been around for close to a decade.
Street Woman Fighter was all the rage recently.
They are firmly established as mainstream, no longer sub-culture.
What's the future looking like for hip hop culture in Korea?

Alright, Bernie Cho, president of DFSB Kollective, and Park Jae-min, a b-boy and actor.
Thank you so much for making time for us today.
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