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S. Korea, Australia upgrade ties to comprehensive strategic partnership
Updated: 2021-12-16 06:27:41 KST
President Moon Jae-in is back in South Korea, having returned Wednesday from his four-day state visit to Australia.
He returned with a handful of new joint initiatives and deals on economic cooperation most notably in defense and in key mineral supply chains.
The trip was particularly meaningful as Seoul and Canberra celebrate 6 decades of bilateral ties.
To discuss the outcome of this trip and how S. Korea-Australia ties will evolve in the decades to come, we connect with Song Se-ryun, Professor of Law at Kyung Hee University
Let's begin with the joint initiatives that the S. Korean and Australian leaders agreed on over the past week. Amid various risks and uncertainties in global trade, how will the new deals on key industries benefit both countries?

What has the bilateral relationship looked like over the past 6 decades, and what does it mean to elevate them to a comprehensive strategic partnership?

How significant was this trip amid the changing geopolitical dynamics of the Indo-Pacific region? Do you think the defence deals might aggravate China in its rivalry with the U.S.?

As multi-lateralism becomes more important in this part of the world, which areas do you think South Korea and Australia could collaborate in more, as middle power countries?

Song Se-ryun, Professor of Law at Kyung Hee University. Thank you for your insights.
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