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Moon says two Koreas need to cooperate and prosper together
Updated: 2021-10-06 07:30:47 KST
President Moon Jae-in said on Tuesday that the two Koreas should work together for joint prosperity ahead of eventual unification.
Speaking at a ceremony to mark the 15th World Korean Day, Moon noted unification may need some time, but the South and the North can still get along with each other.

"There is no reason for confrontation between us. Comparing political systems or national strengths is no longer significant. What's important now is to prosper together."

Adding that the division is yet to be overcome, Moon further voiced his dreams of future generations of the 80 million people of the two Koreas and seven.five million overseas Koreans being able to empathize with each other and unite.
Moon's latest remarks signal much willingness to push for cooperative projects with Pyeongyang following the recent restoration of inter-Korean communication lines.
Also on Tuesday, an official from Seoul's unification ministry said South Korea continues to make internal preparations about how inter-Korean issues should be handled through dialogue.
When asked about the so-called major tasks that the North's leader Kim Jong-un has urged Seoul to work on, the official said Seoul sees them as issues that need to be solved through dialogue and cooperation between the two sides.
Seoul's efforts for inter-Korean dialogue are gearing up as all the inter-Korean hotlines have been back up and running since Monday.
South Korea's unification ministry said that on Tuesday the two Koreas had their two regular phone calls through a separate joint liaison office channel.
The defense ministry also confirmed all military hotlines between the South and the North are back on, including the navy channel set up on an international network for merchant ships, which the North didn't answer the previous day.
Kim Dami, Arirang News.
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