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'Unforgettable Memories' exhibition showcases pictures of N. Korea for people separated from family members by Korean War
Updated: 2021-10-07 17:07:54 KST
From black and white photos of villages in Gaeseong over half a century ago to modern images of Pyeongyang, this photo exhibition at Odusan Unification Tower shares the memories of families separated by the Korean War.
Organized by Seoul's unification ministry, the "Unforgettable Memories" exhibition aims to comfort the pain of refugees from the North while giving them some of the atmosphere of their hometowns.

"It's Pakyon waterfall Pakyon waterfall "

"These must remind you of your hometown a lot."

"Yes. Tokyo market. Sunjuk Bridge And there is Gaeseong high school?"

These are among the 77 photos displayed at the exhibition, which the South Korean government has collected from The Institute of Peace Affairs, University of Seoul Museum and Singaporean photographer Aram Pan.

"My parents and siblings come to mind when I think of my hometown, but they probably all passed away. I have this wish to see the room where I studied in high school."

Attending the opening day of the exhibition with war-separated family members, Seoul's unification minister once again pledged to work harder so that they can meet their loved ones again.

"We have to make more efforts so that seniors from families separated by war can visit their hometowns and meet their separated family members while they are alive and healthy."

The exhibition will be open to visitors until end of next February and is also available online on the official website
Kim Dami, Arirang News.
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