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N. Korea showcases its most advanced weapons system
Updated: 2021-10-13 12:22:39 KST
Intercontinental ballistic missiles that can strike South Korea are displayed on the left and those that can hit Japan, Guam, Alaska and the U.S. are displayed on the right.
Showcasing some of the most advanced weapons systems that North Korea has developed over the last 5 years, the regime staged Self-Defence-2021, in Pyeongyang.
One of the stand out items on view were the mini submarine-launched ballistic missiles that can be loaded on three,ton submarines.
They are seen as an upgraded version of the KN-23 Iskander ballistic missile that also has the technology to intercept and evade ballistic missiles.

"I believe that the regime is pushing to make the Iskander ballistic missile into a submarine-launched ballistic missile. If successful, several of them can be loaded on a submarine and will have the capability to attack South Korea on the flank or from the rear."

North Korea's hypersonic Hwasong-8 missile that the regime claims to have tested last month and which potentially could be one of their fastest and most accurate weapons is also on display at the exhibition.
With a sharp warhead, what seems to be the medium-range missile is on a launch control trailer.
Another recently revealed weapon that North Korea test fired last month a ground-launched cruise missile with what the regime claims to have upgraded mobility, detection and tracking abilities could be seen as well.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended the exhibition to review the weapon systems that were on show.
The Ministry of National Defense said that South Korean and the U.S. intelligence is closely analyzing the regime's new weapons system.
Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.
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